Graphic Design

From web graphics to marketing materials, graphic design services encompass a large range of creative solutions for both companies and individuals.

Print AdvertisingCompelling designs for print advertisements in magazines, newspapers, or other publications.

Packaging DesignAttractive and functional packaging designs for products, considering both aesthetic appeal and practical considerations.

Event DesignThematic materials for various occasions, such as invitations, banners, and signage

Photo RetouchingRefining and enhancing photographs to achieve a desired aesthetic or fix imperfections by practice of color correction, removing elements, adjusting lighting, etc.

Cover DesignCustom books, album, and magazine covers that suit the content.

Website Development

Madelaine provides comprehensive website development services, crafting user-friendly websites tailored to meet the unique needs of both businesses and individuals.

Content Management System (CMS) IntegrationDeveloping websites using popular CMS platforms such as Wordpress.

Responsive Web DesignDesigning websites that are responsive and adapt seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes for an optimal user experience.

Website Maintenance and SupportOngoing maintenance services, including updates, backups, and troubleshooting, to ensure a website's optimal performance.

Content Creation - BlogsStrategically integrating keywords, optimizing meta tags, and adhering to SEO best practices to ensure your blog content ranks well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Image OptimizationsOptimize images by using descriptive file names and adding alt text. This not only improves accessibility but also provides additional context for search engines.

UI/UX Design

Madelaine's UI/UX design services focus on crafting intuitive digital experiences, ensuring users engage and enjoy a visually appealing interface that maximizes usability.

Custom UI/UX DesignOffering end-to-end custom UI/UX design services, covering wireframing, prototyping, and final design implementation for websites, applications, or software.

Interaction DesignSpecializing in designing interactive elements and micro-interactions to enhance user engagement and create a more dynamic and enjoyable user experience.

Design OptimizationConducts a comprehensive audit of existing UI/UX designs, identifying areas for improvement. Implements enhancements to improve usability, accessibility, and overall user satisfaction.

UI/UX TrainingOffering expert consultation on UI/UX best practices, design trends, and provides training sessions for in-house teams.

Information ArchitectureFocuses on creating intuitive and user-friendly information architectures, ensuring efficient navigation and a logical flow of content within websites or applications.

Social Media Packages

Social media packages combine content creation, strategic planning, and analytics to enhance your online presence and engagement across various platforms.

Visual Content CreationDesigning engaging visuals and videos for social media posts, including custom graphics, banners, and infographics.

Content WritingProviding creative and strategic caption writing services, ensuring that each social media post is accompanied by compelling and relevant content. Ideal for businesses seeking to improve storytelling and engagement.

SEO OptimizationIntegrating SEO strategies into social media content to enhance discoverability. Includes keyword research, strategic content placement, and optimization of profiles for search engines.

Advertising CampaignsDeveloping and executing paid advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Includes ad design, targeting, budget management, and performance tracking.

AnalyticsMonitoring and analyzing social media performance by providing detailed reports on key metrics, audience demographics, and insights to guide strategy refinement.

Branding & Identity

Madelaine's branding and identity services empower businesses to establish a distinctive and memorable presence by creating a cohesive brand identity.

Asset CreationCrafting logos, brand style guides, original typography.

Re-BrandingRefining, updating, or doing a complete overhaul of existing brand assets and elements.

Brand StrategyFormulating a comprehensive brand strategy that outlines long-term goals, target audience personas, and key messaging pillars.

Brand AwarenessDeveloping and executing campaigns or plans to increase brand awareness through a mix of online and offline channels.

Competitor AnalysisConducting an in-depth analysis of competitors' branding strategies to identify opportunities for differentiation and market positioning.


Her custom illustrations showcase intricate design work, bringing your ideas to life with visually captivating and personalized artwork.

Storyboard IllustrationDeveloping visual storyboards to outline and plan sequences for animations, videos, or interactive media.

Character DesignCreating unique and original characters tailored to the client's specifications. This includes developing character concepts, defining traits, and providing variations for use in various contexts.

IconographyDesigning custom icons and symbols for use in digital interfaces, websites, or applications.

Concept ArtProvide artistic concepts and visualizations for ideas, products, or projects in development. Concept art helps in the early stages of visualizing the final outcome.

Custom IllustrationsOffering tailored illustration packages to meet diverse client needs, providing custom artwork for projects ranging from marketing materials to merchandise design.

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Get A Free Quote!

Maddi, affectionately dubbed 'Madelaine, the Friendly Ghost,' is always ready to respond! Don't hesitate to reach out!

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Hand-crafted with love from the prairies.



©Madelaine Graff 2024. All rights reserved.

Hand-crafted with love from the prairies.


©Madelaine Graff 2024. All rights reserved.

Hand-crafted with love from the prairies.

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